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I coach the 2nd-generation leaders of family businesses with the leadership succession process.

Develop a cohesive, healthy leadership team supportive of new leadership

We work with family businesses with $10-$100 Million in revenue that are transitioning to a 2nd generation leader. We primarily work with that leader along with their leadership team.

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Our PRocess

The successful transition of a leader is a process, not an event.

Healthy Leadership

Develop a cohesive, healthy leadership team supportive of new leadership

Reduce Risk

Reduce the time and risks during leadership change with proven processes for growth businesses


Grow the 2nd gen leader’s capabilities and confidence

Assure Legacy

Assure the retiring owner’s work-life legacy & wealth


Let's Start.

It’s like a personal trainer for business. There are so many resources out there, finding the right path forward can be confusing. Some leaders prefer to get it right the first time and want someone who has been there to guide them, so they grow predictably and profitably.  I’m often the CEO’s confidant, facilitate more productive executive team planning meetings, and introduce tools designed specifically for companies going to the next level.

We offer advisory services in conjunction with the PXT Select reports on coaching and development. The insights from this data supports your succession planning initiatives.

We offer one-on-one and small group coaching programs, specializing in emerging leaders and executive team members. When appropriate we’ll incorporate Everything DiSC’s “363” to give leaders feedback from co-workers, direct reports and other leaders in the organization.

We help our clients’ financial and non-financial people understand their numbers with Cash Flow Story. It’s a software tool that converts your financials into non-accounting jargon in a way where everyone can understand the numbers in a simpler way. Do you know the impact on profit, cash flow and the value of your business that a 1% price increase has versus a 1% volume increase?  Cash Flow Story can answer that question and others. Hear more about this tool in the video on My Process page.